Incorporation of perspectives in essay writing

Many students presume that essay writing is a lifeless and stale task to do. They have an image of essay writing in their mind as a descriptive writing; selecting a topic, do research and rewrite those researched ideas in your words. But this is not the case; essay writing is much more than a mere descriptive writing. It allows us to write our perspective, our creative ideas, ink our imaginary world in a particular manner. Essay writing gives us the luxury to showcase our culture; what we think about something; how we approach things, people and situations in our life, in fact from where we belong, what are our rituals and customs.

Therefore, writing an essay is not a tedious job to do, it is much more creative and exciting than what we think. But sometimes it does become an annoying task when a writer does not have any vision or idea about what he is writing. Those students who are just writing because it is to be submitted necessarily to pass in their assessments; find essays as descriptive writing and find no interest in it.

To make cheap essay writing service an enjoyable experience one should have a different perspective on the subject he is going to write on. To make your essay worth reading for the audience, you should incorporate different perspective about the question with supporting evidence thereon. Your introduction paragraph should possess a clearly written thesis statement on which you are expressing your view later in the text. There should also a short outline in an essay that tells the reader what they are going to read about.

Perspectives in Essay Writing

The body paragraph consists of three separate sections; each of one containing different arguments and evidence. However, each of the perspective and discussion should be written in a manner that it shows a relationship with each other. Otherwise, you will be found contradicting with your case. Supporting evidence should also be taken care of; they should not be misstated a fact or statistic, it reduces the authenticity of your written text. Furthermore, the pattern of your arguments and perspectives should base on their authority and power; strongest argument should be drafted in the first paragraph, the less strong evidence in second and weakest in the third paragraph. This strategy allows the reader to interpret and draw conclusions from your essay quickly and enable them to understand your perspective.

Concluding paragraph plays a significant role in making your essay comprehensive and meaningful; with all the facts and evidence provided in body paragraph, you are now able to back your claim stated in thesis maker with more authority and increased confidence. In concluding paragraph, you are re saying your perspectives with intentions to enhance their genuineness and authenticity.

Hence, essay writing includes critical thinking and generation of creative ideas, it is not a mere descriptive writing and should be approached by students as exciting and challenging task and try to make an effort to intensify their exposure and enabling mind jogging.